About us


HamroLawyer is a product of Ayaansh Technology, an IT Company. HamroLawyer is an online communication platform together with marketplace connectingclients, lawyers and law firms across Nepal. The legal advice and services are provided by duly qualified and authorized participating lawyers.
Our platform is Nepal specific and supports the unique set of features, including:


  1. Puzzle out any sort of legal queries and confusions.
  2. Quick access to Lawyers and Legal Services.
  3. Register and Solve cases by quick and easy communication with lawyers.
  4. Create a case.
  5. Easy access to all legal materials including acts, regulations, rules, directives, published/unpublished precedents, legal notices, and everything related to the law.
  6. Reminders and Alerts about cases on the calendar.
  7. Resolve disputes without a trial with the feature of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).
  8. Get Legal consultations along with each and every Legal draft that is required.
  9. Manage case files and track the reports from Lawyers.
  10. Well-built Privacy Policy.


  1. Flaunt your expertise and get valuable Clients.
  2. It is a marketplace where we bring CLIENTS online for YOU.
  3. Register and Solve cases by quick and easy communication with the Clients.
  4. Manage Clients easily and effectively.
  5. Manage case files and keep a good track of the overall progress.
  6. Easy and systematic reporting submission to Clients.
  7. Reminders and alerts about cases on the calendar.
  8. Create Legal Drafts and provide Legal consultations to Clients.
  9. Well-built Privacy Policy.

For Law Firms

  1. Assign tasks to associates.
  2. Recording keeping and management tool.
  3. Managing files.